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Option Value Required Default
start array of "string" or number true [none]
range object, see range true [none]
step number false [none]
snap boolean false false
format Formatter false Accept all numeric values, output two decimals
ariaFormat Formatter false Two decimals
connect string, boolean, array of boolean false false
margin number false [none]
limit number false [none]
padding number false [none]
orientation string false "horizontal"
direction string false "ltr"
tooltips boolean, Formatter, array of boolean or Formatter for each handle false false
animate boolean false true
animationDuration number false 300
keyboardSupport boolean false true
keyboardDefaultStep number false 10
keyboardPageMultiplier number false 5
keyboardMultiplier number false 1
handleAttributes array of { key: value } for each handle false [none]
behaviour string false "tap"
pips object, see: pips false [none]
documentElement documentElement false ownerDocument
cssPrefix string false "noUi-"
cssClasses ClassList false (see code)


Method Usage Arguments
destroy slider.noUiSlider.destroy() [none]
steps slider.noUiSlider.steps() [none]
on slider.noUiSlider.on(..., ...) "string", function
off "string"
get slider.noUiSlider.get() [none]
set slider.noUiSlider.set(...) [...], boolean
setHandle slider.noUiSlider.setHandle(..., ..., ...) "number", "string", boolean
reset slider.noUiSlider.reset() [none]
updateOptions slider.noUiSlider.updateOptions(...) object
pips slider.noUiSlider.pips(...) object, see: pips
removePips slider.noUiSlider.removePips() [none]
removeTooltips slider.noUiSlider.removeTooltips() [none]
getPositions slider.noUiSlider.getPositions() [none]


Property Usage Description
options slider.noUiSlider.options Reference to the options used to create the slider. Documentation.
target The slider element
[disabled] As attribute Disable a slider or individual handles. Documentation.



Event Callback

See events for more information.

Argument Type Description
this object Slider API
values Array of "string" As returned by get
handle number 0-based index of handle that caused the event
unencoded Array of number Slider values without formatting applied
tap boolean Whether the event was a tap
positions Array of number Handle positions, in percentages
noUiSlider object Slider API