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decimals The number of decimals to include in the result. Limited to 7.
mark The decimal separator.
Defaults to '.' if thousand isn't already set to '.'.
thousand Separator for large numbers. For example: ' ' would
result in a formatted number of 1 000 000.
prefix A string to prepend to the number. Use cases include prefixing
with money symbols such as '$' or '€'.
suffix A number to append to a number. For example: ',-'.
negative The prefix for negative values. Defaults to '-' if negativeBefore isn't set.
negativeBefore The prefix for a negative number.
Inserted before prefix.

This is a powerful option to manually modify the slider output.
For example, to show a number in another currency:

function( value ){
			return value * 1.32;

Reverse the operations set in encoder.
Use this option to undo modifications made while encoding the value.

function( value ){
			return value / 1.32;
edit Similar to encoder, but applied after all other formatting options are applied.
undo Similar to decoder and the reverse for edit.
Applied before all other formatting options are applied.